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Liubov Gulbrandsen | CEO & Founder of the BOCOR Group and DAKKARA ART Gallery (previously - BOCCARA ART Galleries)


Liubov Gulbrandsen (born 14 May 1983) is the CEO and founder of the BOCOR Group and a modern and contemporary fine art gallery — DAKKARA ART Gallery (previously BOCCARA ART Galleries) in Palm Beach, Florida. Liubov is a member of NAWBO National Association of Women Business Owners, and Women Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach, FL. 

From 2016 to 2022, Liubov was leading a global chain art galleries in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Mexico City, with permanent exhibition spaces and representatives in Monaco, Hong Kong and Seoul, South Korea. First achieving international attention in 2001 as an eighteen years old student, becoming one of the first progenitors of a groundbreaking online art platform. This accomplishment inspired her to become involved with art galleries representing artists and to explore new digital methods of creating and marketing art. She has always believed that on-line technologies are key to the future economic development of the industry.

In December 2023, BOCCARA ART Galleries rebranded itself as BOCOR Group, which was meant primarily to give its customers clarity around its many business endeavors.

The company claimed the name change was intended to help customers see that it sold a wide variety of products and services in addition to art. This new venture offers international expansion and diversification in art, design and real estate.

CEO Liubov Gulbrandsen said the name BOCOR was a way to pay homage to the company’s history, but that it didn’t stand for anything in particular: “The rebranding came at a convenient time. Selling a long-standing name and rebranding the company was a move ostensibly to embrace growth and to signify the company’s transition beyond art gallery into a group of several companies under the BOCOR umbrella.” 

BOCOR Group is complementing the list of corporations settling down in Florida and contributing to it's unprecedented cultural and economic development. In early 2022 BOCCARA ART Miami and BOCCARA ART New York Galleries relocated to Palm Beach. Following its major clients to Palm Beach was an extraordinary movement in the history of the BOCCARA ART Galleries, currently DAKKARA ART Gallery.

Today the gallery is located in the heart of Palm Beach Island - at 139 N County Rd, #14, Palm Beach, Florida.

DAKKARA ART Gallery provides a variety of virtual art experiences such as virtual gallery tours and virtual exhibitions which are freely accessible online. In addition to the extensive and varied curated program of exhibitions held within the gallery, we continue to establish museum partnerships and scouting representatives in major cities. In 2020 we established a collaboration with Neiman Marcus Group and Bergdorf Goodman with online sales platforms and a rotation of exhibitions that travel throughout the United States.

DAKKARA ART Gallery curates monthly exhibitions and is selected to exhibits in over 12 major international annual Art Fairs including Art Miami, Asia Week New York, Art New York, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Art Palm Beach, Art Boca Raton, LA Art Show, SOFA Chicago, ZonaMaco Mexico City, ESTRE Arte Uruguay, PArC Peru Art Contemporaneo, KIAF Seoul, Fine Art Asia Hong Kong, Art Shanghai. 

Liubov is an active member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and Women Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach, FL.



Liubov Belousova CEO and Founder of the BOCCARA ART Galleries



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